from 1979 we are producing, promote & distribute the traditional dairy products in Greece and all over the world

We have started as a small (tiny) family business and involved in a modern enterprise with state-of-the-art industrial equipment- always keeping our traditional ways of production and the quality of our raw materials non-negotiable-fact that establish our company as a major supplier in dairy products of the island of Lemnos, such as Kalathaki, Meliclhoro & Feta 


We are harvesting daily fresh goat and sheep milk form selected farmers and carefully selected areas of the island as Agios Dimitrios, Kaspakas, Moudros and the area of Fakos wich is a protected natural reserve of Lemnos wild life animals. 

So, we are strongly invite you to try our products and travel to the tradition and the amazing taste of Lemnos Cheeses. 


  • 1979
    The start
    It was founded in 1979 by Georgios Markakis with the aim of marketing cheese in the village of Kontia, Limnos.
  • 1987
    The Growth
    in privately-owned facilities began the first production of cheese products.
  • 1989
    The Director
    In 1989 at very young age, the second generation of the company, Stamatis Markakis, took over the business.
  • 1993
    The company go public
    The family business reshaped to Public Company & renamed GALAKTOTYROKOMIKI LIMNOS G. & S. MARKAKIS S.A. | Limnos Dairy S.A.
  • 2018
    The present
    Today Limnos Dairy SA has its headquarters in Agios Dimitrios Limnos in new and Modern facilities, always maintaining the tradition and quality of its products.
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